At the Diner

I hear you have something special for his birthday. A seven-year-old pancake? No, a cinnamon roll pancake. Oh, I was looking forward to seeing him eat a seven-year-old pancake. Read more →

“Some Dead, Some Gone” – by Patty Mooney

Jim Morrison was born 30 years too soon. His music and the way he talked. And Janis Joplin was a sailor. She was a rough woman. But she could sing. I got to meet Jimi Hendrix, the Mamas and the Papas, Big Brother and the Holding Company with Janis, Iron Butterfly, The Animals. They put on a show at a… Read more →

“Sacred Prostitution” – by Patty Mooney

If you guys are available you might want to check it out. The room was this big. A swing thing, dancing. He’s going to sing Disco Fever. He’s going to dance and sing. Related articles Haiku – A Collection by Patty Mooney ( Better Red Than Dead – by Patty Mooney ( Read more →

“Beer Tasting at KnB Cellar” – by Patty Mooney

If you like dark this is delicious. People call it a Session Beer, something you can sit around and drink, drink all day. A room filled with a hundred beers, beers I’ve never heard of. A thousand kegs of beer, all different. You can’t do it. Related articles Best Beer I Had This Week – Rogue Smoke Ale ( A… Read more →

“Syrah” – by Patty Mooney

“Syrah” reminds me of the kind of guy who wears cowboy boots with a tuxedo. Rustic, manly and yet, elegant. That’s Syrah. Related articles Syrah Blind Tasting ( Figs – A Poem by Patty Mooney ( Haiku – A Collection by Patty Mooney ( Read more →

“Wrong Way”

-They went the wrong way. -They’re green behind the ears. -Green behind the ears? Wet behind the ears! -No, that would be racial profiling. Read more →

“Slower is Better”

The slower you are, the longer you’ll live. Yeah, tortoises don’t move too fast, do they. Or much at all. Neither do giant clams. They just sit on the bottom of the ocean. Read more →