I decided to collect all the wonderful feedback I have been receiving about Air Poetry, right here.  Feel free to add a comment yourself!

– One Lovely Blog Award (thanks to Scriptor Obscura)

– Kreativ Blogger Award (thanks to Christy Birmingham)

Fun shoot you guys….i learned about lamp hats and air poetry….both have changed my life. – Loren Nancarrow

LOVE the concept here – of air poetry – what an incredible/creative idea! and here, you’ve graced us with all we can read of it! many thanks!
Jenean Gilstrap

So nice to give it a name…
makes the imagination spark
and turn true.

Maria Grujicic

Thanks again for the profundity and beauty you’ve brought to my day! Bless you!… …our pleasure to read it. Bless you.
Jae Wilkinson

Patty, Love your blog! I have nominated you for a Kreativ Blogger Award.
Christy Birmingham

love your humor! I’m following! :)
Kellie Elmore

You are the chromatic horizon of an unknown divine origin. Any weary traveler of life, can rest, relax and find solace and peace under the shade of your heart, which is ever pervading like a tree, Madam Patty Kay Mooney!
Varaprasad NVLN

And Kiril Kundurazieff, the “Mad Macedonian,” devoted an entire blog post to Air Poetry, while taking the wheel and writing a few himself.  Kudos to Kiril!

Air Poetry 1: I Swear, the Things One Overhears…

…You just won’t believe how you can turn it to your creative advantage. ;-D

There you are walking down the street, through the mall, in a store, at a ball game, in a public rest room, on a bus, or sitting in your 2nd floor apartment with the window open, and people in the street below, actually just about anywhere where you are aound other people…and can hear what they are saying…to their companion, to a clerk, on a cell phone, or yelling at a ball game, or in a bathroom where all the stalls are occupied, and someone is hopping up, & down, in desperate straights…

Have you ever thought to write down what you hear, and how those scraps of overheard conversations, when strung together, often have an interesting sort of poetry about the result?

Patty Mooney did.

Of course, the notion came only after 40 years of writing poetry.

Hey, better late than never! ;-D

To see the rest of this post and Kiril’s Air Poetry, please go to Musings of a Mad Macedonian


  2 comments for “Kudos

  1. January 10, 2012 at 8:17 am

    Thank U for the mention, it is very much appreciated!

    As was the very nice comment you left to my latest Air Poetry. 😀

  2. Kenneth N Cook
    January 22, 2012 at 6:45 am

    “Air Poetry”; what a fantastic medium! Thank you for the opportunity to write, to read, to listen, comment, to create, and to share!
    — Kenneth N Cook

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